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Friday, 16 November 2012

Solving the Dilemma: Tenancy Or Builder EMI Sharing?

If you have decided to finally buy your dream home after being a tenant, then the financial angle is a critical aspect that’s hovering in your mind. Right? Together with the option of taking a home loan to fulfill this requirement, nowadays buyers are being assisted by builders through EMI Sharing Schemes. What it means is that, the builder developing the new house pays the installments on your behalf till it is ready for occupancy, to save you from the burden of managing the rent plus the additional payments. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But there is always a catch as far as beneficial schemes are concerned and you should tread with care to make the most of this offer. Let us tell you how.
What is Builder EMI Sharing?
EMI Sharing takes place on a full or partial basis, where the developer pays the interest amount on behalf of the buyer. It is time bound.
Points to Consider
    ► The obligation of the builder extends till the deadline and you should check this clause clearly in the agreement. Bargain well to increase this time-period till the possession of property so that you are not left in the lurch if the project construction gets delayed.
    ► Interest rate is fixed for the builder in EMI Sharing but if the home loan is being availed at floating rates, then you’ll have to pay the extra amount.
    ► Payment obligations still rest on you, so any changes in the course of the process will affect your account, except for any subvention scheme by the bank.
    ► Down or full payment and flexi-plan or partial payments have their own pros and cons. It is for you to decide which one, depending on the savings you want to make versus the credentials of the builder. Paying fully gives you the cost advantage as you can get a discount but places you in a difficult position in case of any delay. Flexi plans on the other hand are a much safer option.
While opting to share the strain of paying for the property loan and the rent, you should be very careful. Any lapse on your part and you can suffer heavily on the expenses. So, you should carefully read each and every part of the agreement before signing on the dotted line. So, make a note of these pointers to switch easily from being a tenant to the owner of your own home.

Improvements to Make Your Property Saleable

Making improvements in your property before you move out of it or sell it to someone can work wonders for you. As a homeowner, you may decide to sell your property in the condition it has been for ages. But then, you will have a disadvantage. The property that can fetch you a great deal after improvements made in it would not be able to get you the same amount if not renovated or refurbished before sale. So, it is always suggested to get your property repaired before putting it out for sale.
Now, once you have spent a little expense on getting the property repaired, the value of the property gets increased. The cost that you have spent on getting the property renovated will add up to the current value of the property. But, before quoting a price for the property, first evaluate the time and cost that you have spent on the property. For instance, many projects require permits from the local bodies, in which you again have to spend some amount. So, this amount will also be added in your sale value.
Things to be stringently checked before getting the property renovated:
    ► If you are going for some home improvements before making the sale, make sure that you hire an expert professional for the task.
    ► Hiring an unskilled enthusiast will cost you less but it may not offer you the satisfaction in the improvement of home. Sometimes, unskilled professionals even cause damage to the property, thereby incurring losses for you.
Improvements That Can Be Done:
    ► Pay attention to each and every corner of your property. Especially for homeowners, kitchen should be given the primary importance as it is the place where a lady spends maximum time of her day. So, buyers would definitely look for a well-furnished kitchen that is visually appealing.
    ► Replacing doors, windows and cabinets can reinvigorate the whole property.
    ► Update your bathroom and toilets as a buyer would always look out for a spacious bathroom that is beautifully constructed.
Bathrooms are another safe bet when it comes to relatively inexpensive updates. If you already have a neutral coloured bathroom suite, then a bit of simple redecoration should do the trick. Some considered lighting changes, new flooring and replacement backsplash tiles should make all the difference. If, however, your old marble-effect bathtub and sink are to be replaced, it’s worth bearing in mind that money spent on updating a bathroom will be well spent, and should ultimately add value to your home.
So, after reading the write-up, you must have got an idea of how by just making few improvements in your current property, you can get true value of the property and draw profits.

Tips on Making a Smart Property Deal

Property is an asset that is bought as well as sold with due care. Taking property decisions is not an easy task especially when the Real Estate Market suffers a lot of ups and downs. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of property it is imperative for you to act smartly while dealing in property matters.
The dilemmas in the mind of the people engaged in the Real Estate:
  • Is the time right to buy or sell property?
  • Is the location apt?
  • Will the price of the property hike in the near future?
  • Should I wait for some more time? etc.
The list of confusion and questions that popup in the mind is never-ending. So, how to deal with it, what steps should you ensure to clear up these dilemmas.
We present you with some useful tips that will assist you in making a smart property deal.
 Carry out a thorough market research and carefully examine the growth as well as depression in the economy. The economy conditions directly influences the property markets. In times of high property rates it is always better to sell whereas depression time is the buying time.
 Increasing and decreasing interest rates of home loans in India should also be taken care of.
 If you have a property that is solely for investment basis then it is always advised to hold it for few years.
 The legal issues related to the property should be carefully checked.
 Also, the property and broker agreements should be transparent enough.
 There are numerous banks and finance companies that offer loans so you must explore different options before opting for one.
 For those investing in developer projects, credibility of the developer should be considered: actual location, construction time line, amenities provided, etc. must be kept track of.
Assistance of a Real Estate Agent can be taken in order to analyze the Real Estate Market situations and choosing the right location. Thus following the above tips shall certainly help you enter an appropriate and smart property deal.

Buying to Sell a Property – The Interior and Exterior Aspects

Thinking of making an ideal investment in the Real Estate? Wish to buy a property that you can sell at high financial returns? Then there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind while making such an investment. The property you buy for sale should be perfect in terms of its interiors as well as exteriors. The interior and exterior of a property plays a key role whenever you put any property on sale. It may appreciate the value of your property and there is also a possibility of depreciation in rates because of poor interior or exterior. So it’s better to consider these facets before you buy any property, which you wish to, sell in future.
Through this, we are making an effort to make you aware of the various interior and exterior aspects you should keep in mind while purchasing a property for sale.
Interior Aspects
√ Plan a change in interior decoration of the property. Renovate it before selling, if you wish to mint good money out of it.
√ Spare time for choosing patterns, furnishings and design of the house because, sometimes, these things connect the potential buyer emotionally to the property.
√ Good presentation of the house attracts buyer and transforms a casual visit into a fruitful deal.
√ Colors of the property directly affect the mood of the buyer as well as its price, so even if you are not in position of renovating the whole property then a mere paint can do a lot for you.
Exterior Aspects
√ Weather resistance is the foremost thing that a buyer looks for in a property. Make sure you have taken all the related measures that can satisfy the potential buyer.
√ The curb appeal of your property with custom exterior shutters not only fits with the architecture of property but also increases its real time value.
√ Durability of the wooden work or other furnishing inside as well as outside the property plays a vital role in deciding the fate of that property.
√ Customize the exterior of the property by making innovative changes in its look and feel. This will instantly grab the attention of the buyer even before entering the house.
If you keep these simple things in mind, your investment will prove to be highly beneficial in terms of financial gains. But, don’t overdo it, keep your budget constraints in mind and plan accordingly. A bit of smart thinking can change the look of the property you wish to sell, without shelling much from your pocket.

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Dream Home

Owning a house is dream come true for you. It is also a one-time investment. So when the time comes to hand over your dream in someone else’s hand for development into something better, you have to make sure that the person is capable and reliable. Thus, the selection of the right contractor is extremely important. The following points will help you judge and narrow down to the right person for the job.
  • Check the track record of the contractor before hiring him. Look up past jobs that he has completed. It would be advantageous to talk to the former clients as they can give valuable insight about his strengths and drawbacks.
  • If the contractor is fairly new and does not have any previous projects to his credit, you can ensure his qualifications, company reputation and area of expertise.
  • You should also verify the license and certifications. ISO credits and similar acclaims will help you select reliable contractors.
  • A contractor can offer valuable tips and designs from his extensive experience. Choose a contractor who is open to suggestions and sharing ideas. It would be wise to employ a contractor who is able to manage issues with labor, supplies etc. in the unlikely event they come up.
  • It would be wise to choose a contractor who is covered for insurance and liability.
  • Ensure that the contractor you hire has a reputation for completing projects on time. After all, your dream house will be a reality only on completion!
  • You can get the contract checked by legal experts. Before signing, make sure that you have read every small detail.
In today’s world where real estate is flourishing, there is plenty of new talent in the market along with the experienced Residential Real Estate Contractors. So you should choose the right person who will deliver your dream in all its glory rather than offer you broken promises and assurances. Today, it has become easier to access the best local contractors by going online because there you can find not two or three but many listings of such contractors who can get the job done as per your vision and budget.

Understanding the Importance of Green Architecture

In today’s world, sustainable architecture is not an alien concept as people are coming closer to the environment. The concept just implies the use of environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture.  Green architecture is an approach to building that minimizes the harmful effects on human health and the environment. The “green“ architect attempts to safeguard air, water and earth by choosing eco friendly building materials and construction practices.
The idea of green architect emerge when some of the few prominent researchers and architects realized that very soon all the all natural resources are going to run dry. The terms green buildings or green architecture are also used in place of sustainable architecture to promote the importance of sustainable architecture. Environmental experts have laid down some basic elements for a better understanding and sustainable architecture promotion.
Advantages of Green Architecture:
  • These buildings do not emit pollutant in any way.
  • Have a method of recycling waste products.
  • Provide healthy environment for people living in these buildings.
  • These buildings have ventilation system designed for efficient cooling.
  • These buildings use energy efficient lights.
  • Bring higher resale value.
  • Green buildings are easier to maintain.
  • Provides indoor environmental quality enhancement.
These buildings reduce the energy bills and also provide a healthy environment to live in. These buildings are also popularly known as eco-homes and are very expensive.  With growing demands for eco-friendly homes, the property builders are taking initiative in building with innovation. Therefore, look for ways to improve the environment and buy homes that are as “green” as possible.

Selling a House: Do I Need a Contract?

There are many people who want to sell a house and are in the enviable position of not having to list it as they have a friend, relative, co-worker or new acquaintance who wants to buy it. They just need to close the deal themselves and are clueless regarding what happens next after finding a buyer. Finding a buyer is the first of many steps in the process of getting a house sold.
The most important thing home owners need to know is that the sale of their house is different from the sale of anything else they own. The legal term is “real estate property” and the laws differ somewhat from state to state with specific legal terms that cover the sale of real estate property. For one thing, it must be in writing. It may start out as a verbal agreement, but it must turn into a written agreement in order to be considered legal.
Real estate forms used by brokers and lawyers include all the elements necessary when selling a home in any local area. State laws and municipal laws, if any, are incorporated into these forms.
One should never attempt to write a legal contract for the sale of the house by oneself as it is a very unwise thing to do. One can leave something out or can make a mistake that can cost a lot of money. The best way out is to have a form drafted by one’s lawyer or a real estate broker that can be photocopied and carried anywhere.
They have the forms and the knowledge to make sure it’s done correctly. One will probably have to pay them for this service, but it will be worth the money as one can make sure the process of selling a house or property is legally correct.

Selling a House: Do I Need a Contract?

There are many people who want to sell a house and are in the enviable position of not having to list it as they have a friend, relative, co-worker or new acquaintance who wants to buy it. They just need to close the deal themselves and are clueless regarding what happens next after finding a buyer. Finding a buyer is the first of many steps in the process of getting a house sold.
The most important thing home owners need to know is that the sale of their house is different from the sale of anything else they own. The legal term is “real estate property” and the laws differ somewhat from state to state with specific legal terms that cover the sale of real estate property. For one thing, it must be in writing. It may start out as a verbal agreement, but it must turn into a written agreement in order to be considered legal.
Real estate forms used by brokers and lawyers include all the elements necessary when selling a home in any local area. State laws and municipal laws, if any, are incorporated into these forms.
One should never attempt to write a legal contract for the sale of the house by oneself as it is a very unwise thing to do. One can leave something out or can make a mistake that can cost a lot of money. The best way out is to have a form drafted by one’s lawyer or a real estate broker that can be photocopied and carried anywhere.
They have the forms and the knowledge to make sure it’s done correctly. One will probably have to pay them for this service, but it will be worth the money as one can make sure the process of selling a house or property is legally correct.

Listen To the Advice of Your Agent

Professional Real Estate agents are completely aware of all the market trends and requirements of the prospective buyers. So, trusting an experienced Real Estate Agent will ensure that you get the best deal on your property. Some people prefer trusting their instincts and take chances but any small negligence while fixing a real estate deal can ruin your financial position. People working in this field for years are obviously better equipped to view your property from a broad view of point and suggest measures to increase the value of your property. Some of the major recommendations by expert agents of real estate industry include:
     The first look of your house should be very attractive. Thus, the lawn of your house should be maintained at all times. The front door should be decorated with a nice doormat. Moreover, the exteriors of the house should be painted properly with nice colors. The house should be so attractive that it lures the prospective buyers to step inside.
    Each section of your house; be it living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom, should be presentable and neatly furnished. The bathroom and kitchen of your home, in particular must not be dirty. It is advisable to install latest accessories and products to enhance the look.
     It essential to remember that larger the house appears, the easier it will be for you to ask for the desired amount of money from the prospect. The house should look spacious enough to accommodate a large family. For this purpose, no piece of unnecessary furniture should be kept in the house.
Here, it is essential to mention that a professional agent with good background in the field of real estate will give the right advice like this and also provide other valuable tips. Thus, listening to the advice of your agent will ensure that you get the best deal for your valued property.

Things You Must Know Before Investing In Overseas Real Estate Market

Call it the want of leading a luxurious life or the need for expanding business to overseas market- The trend of Investing in Overseas Real Estate Market is here to stay. The overseas real estate owners are adopting interesting strategies to lure investors from all parts of the world to gain maximum profits. With increased per capita income, particularly in the metropolitan cities, an increase in demand for owning a property in foreign land is being witnessed. Many casual buyers are willing to turn into serious investors when it comes to buying a property abroad. It is believed that while fixing an overseas property deal, most of the profit is made at the time of purchase itself. In addition to it, the future benefits of possessing a land in foreign country are incredible.
Apparently, this trend is benefiting foreign real estate agents and property dealers in many ways. In an attempt to keep up the interest of foreign buyers, they even make grand properties available at amazingly low prices. However, this trend has also geared up the conmen to fool innocent investors into buying foreign property by misguiding them. These people may seem completely professional in offering splendid property at unbeatable price but they run away once you pay them. Following are some suggestions that may bring fruitful returns on investing in foreign land with your hard earned money:
     Do ample research before zeroing on a foreign property. Make sure that the property meets all your requirements and fully satisfies the purpose of your investment.
     Those looking for favorable business opportunities in the overseas market must analyze the trend of owning a land for business purpose among the locals. Consider all the aspects like shipment and distribution costs before finalizing a property.
    Verify the authenticity of the claim on the property you are interested in. Almost all the countries have one or more central organizations that regulate the sale purchase of the properties of their country. Ascertain that the land area in question is free from any legal disputes and the seller has complete authority of selling the property.
     One of the most important aspects is to ensure that the land area has adequate supply of water, electricity, internet connection and other basic amenities. Moreover, it should be connected to the rest of the city.
     The most significant point for consideration before buying a property in real estate should be that one must be well acquainted with the property laws of the country. Make sure you fulfill all the legal requirements as per the government of that country. Also ascertain that the property is in accordance with the engineering and construction laws of the country.
Investing in overseas real estate market is an ideal way to assure good returns. One must ensure that the property is free from any kind of legal hassle. It is important that you are completely aware of all the formalities and legalities associated with buying a property abroad so that you do not fall into a trap.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Buying & Selling A Commercial Plot!

It is a well-known fact that there is a huge gap in various areas and locations in terms of facilities offered. While some areas are abundantly established with properly structured housing colonies and good market places, there are many others that have vast acres of empty land containing no basic facilities at all.
The Indian Government has segregated and approved big chunks of such empty land areas as commercial plots. This gives a golden chance for smart businessmen to set up their office or industrial space and double their money in the fastest possible way.

But before getting involved in the business of buying and selling Commercial Plots, there are certain essential things that need to be kept in mind:
Selling Commercial Plot:
Selling your commercial plot at once as its value goes up is highly preferred. For that, all you need to do is to keep yourself abreast with latest trends in Real Estate. Keep a check on when and how the value of your commercial plot is going to shoot up.
The process of selling a Commercial Plot starts from preparing the selling agreement and goes till getting NOC (No Objection Certificate) from concerned authorities. Finally, with the verification of all documents and details, by the Sub Registrar everything gets finalized.
Buying Commercial Plot:
These days, property dealers easily fool the buyers by arranging fake documentation for any specific piece of land in no time. With that they always intend to dupe you and grab your precious money. So it is always advisable to check whether the commercial plot which you are purchasing lies in authorized sector or not.
Thus, making handsome money through a commercial plot by using your knowledge is not just profitable but wise deal as well. After all, it is about your own money.

Real Estate In Noida – The Most Profitable Investment Opportunity

Think of a world class township that you may have seen on the TV, magazine or anywhere else & then make a mental image of Noida in the next 5-10 years. The similarity is striking enough and soon to become a reality too.
Hardly anyone living in Delhi is unaware of the whereabouts of this location and the rising significance of this place as a commercial hub. With Noida, becoming the centre of residential and commercial activities, the real estate investors are lapping up the opportunity to become a part of the Noida growth story.
Not only has Noida become the new IT hub as well as the commercial hub (with many world class brands and companies setting up base here), there is also a mad rush among property buyers looking for the right opportunity to invest in residential projects here. Many established names among the Builders And Developers have initiated Housing Projects in the region, many of which will be completed in the next few years or so, & many others that have already been finished. Property buyers looking for quality accommodation combined with basic amenities like parking, security, connectivity, accessibility, etc. need not look any further. Properties in Noida promise all this and much more.
There are many reasons why Real Estate In Noida is considered a precious commodity. Proximity to the capital city Delhi is, of course, among the foremost reasons. Other reason why Noida has emerged as a real estate hub is the rapid pace of development happening here, be it the expressways like – Yamuna Expressway, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, etc. or the Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge that promises rapid transit and easy connectivity to Delhi and nearby regions. Another factor that has greatly worked in the favor of the Noida and its subsequent development in the recent years is the setting up of prominent conglomerates in the region. The job opportunities and investment options have further spearheaded the Noida success story.
Among the cleanest cities in India, the future of Noida as a real estate hub is shining bright. To make the most of this once-in- lifetime chance, invest now or regret later.

How To Find A Good Real Estate Agency

Selling a property without the aid of a Good Real Estate Agency can be a dreary affair. It may lead to the property sitting idle for long periods of time, increasing the expenses on maintenance. A Good Real Estate Agency can, on the other hand, can close the deal and avoid the unwanted expenses incurred due to the delays.
Considering the utmost importance of A Good Real Estate Agency, it is unfortunate that they are not easy to find. The competition in the Real Estate Sector and the mushrooming of the numerous Real Estate Agencies have made it difficult to trust all that the agencies have to say in their promotions.
However, consideration of the following factors can help to Find A Good Real Estate Agency:
  • It should be ensured that the Real Estate Agency has agents who are well-acquainted with the location around the property. Most Real Estate deals originate as news of the availability of the property for sale or rent. A person who is well-acquainted with the area is better placed to both propagate the news of the availability and receive the information about prospective buyers.
  • The Agency should be able to suggest such changes in the d├ęcor of the indoors and outdoors of the property, which would boost up the prospects of the property’s sale. This is especially true in the case of Furnished Properties.
  •  It helps immensely if the Real Estate Agent is an expert on the kind of property he has to deal in. Different types of properties require different marketing strategies and it is always beneficial to have an expert handling the matter.
  • The Real Estate Agent should be interviewed before he is entrusted with the sale of the property. Some agents who have been dealing with high-priced properties for a long time do not take interest in deals which are relatively of low value. Such agents should be categorically rejected.
The suggestions and reviews of buyers and sellers, who have used the services of the Real Estate Agency, can be used as leads to the selection. But the final selection of the Right Real Estate Agency should be done only after a proper discussion.

Tips For Buying A House In Mohali

Mohali is a beautiful city which lies adjacent to Chandigarh in Punjab. The Real Estate Sector of Mohali has seen a recent boom as the number of buyers desiring to Buy Houses in Mohali has seen a rise. Houses in Mohali located in organized societies, which are well planned and well connected to the roads, are an excellent option for those who like to live in a peaceful environment, away from the noise of the metro cities.
If you are among those who have fallen to the charms of Mohali’s Apartments and looking forward to buy a House in Mohali, you will find the following tips useful:
  • Get professional help. Buying a House is no longer a simple affair. The rules & regulations and the paper work involved in the process make the consultation of a Real Estate Agency an absolute necessity. This would ensure that inconveniences born out of ignorance of these rules are eliminated.
  • While selecting the location of the house, the first thing that should be considered is the distance at which the necessary amenities like school, college, office, hospital, etc. are situated. Longer distances are bound to cause inconveniences in the longer run. Even though Mohali is well connected, it never goes in vain to search for a House which has the amenities at short distances.
  • Ensure that the house has a 24-hour supply of water and electricity. Houses with power backup should be preferred.
  • While the real estate agent takes you on a tour of the house, focus on the defects of the house. Remember that the agent will showcase the good qualities of the house. Check out if there is any seepage in the walls, leaky plumbing, electrical safety violations, faulty roof construction or more.
  • Remember to get an idea about the prevalent prices at the concerned location, in order to avoid getting convinced for a higher amount.
As the Real Estate Boom of Mohali has just begun, the prices are comparatively still low. However, as the city is fast becoming the IT-Hub of Punjab and at the speed with which the BPO sector is growing, the prices are bound to reach the higher ranges. So, if you are planning to buy a House in Mohali, this is the right time to do so

Real Estate As An Investment Option

The investment we make in building or buying an apartment or any other building, etc. is called Real Estate Investment. Real Estate is one of the most lucrative Investment Options available. However, it is quite different from the other Investment Options in terms of the way the cash flow moves. Once a Real Estate has been acquired, it can be leased out to a tenant or sold at a higher price in order to generate returns.
Sources To Know About Real Estate Properties
  • Real Estate Agencies: Real Estate Agencies are the most readily available sources to know about Real Estate Properties. The advantage of using a Real Estate Agency is that they can also provide legal help during the course of the transfer of ownership.
  • Market Listings: Market Listings include a Multiple Listing Service or Commercial Information Exchange.
  • Wholesalers: Wholesalers include public agencies and bank departments.
  • Private Sales: The owner of a property may choose to sell it in a private sale.
  • Public Auctions: Foreclosure sales and estate sales are popular ways of obtaining property at low prices.
The advantages of Investing in Real Estate far outweigh the disadvantages. This is why most people choose to invest in Real Estate. Even if the property has been bought by paying for it in installments, lending it out or leasing it would allow the invested amount to be recovered within a short duration. The property can also be sold at a higher price. The beauty of a Real Estate Investment is that even if the property lies unused, its value increases with time. Thus, reselling the property after a period of time is a practice which is also followed. The returns are also considerably high.
The legal procedures and the extensive documentation are the first hurdles in the purchase of Real Estate Property. The amount that has to be invested is also very high. Thus, it is not always possible for all the sections of people to Invest in Real Estate. The maintenance of the property is an additional cost that has to be born.
However, if the sum for the initial investment is there, Real Estate is a profitable Investment. A Real Estate Investment guarantees a high growth margin within a short period of time.

Mumbai: The Home Buyer’s Preferred Destination

On the Western coast of India lies the city of Mumbai. Popularly known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is witness to lakhs of professionals vigorously chasing their dreams and aspirations. These professionals are the primary reason which drives the Real Estate Sector of Mumbai towards its fast growth and profitability. For many such professionals and business-class people as well, Buying Home in Mumbai is an investment which is always profitable. There are also reasons apart from the profitability which make Mumbai the dream destination of the Home Buyer.
It is an oft-heard remark that homes and properties in Mumbai have prices which cannot be afforded by the common man. However, this is not true about all the places in Mumbai. Homes in the developing areas of Mumbai can be bought at affordable prices. The fast rate at which Mumbai develops ensures that these areas get developed in no time. If the budget allows it, then there is profit in Buying Homes even in the developed areas. The value of the property doubles up in no time as the prices skyrocket.
Region-Wise Property Rates
In Eastern Mumbai, the property rates start from a very affordable Rs. 1200 per square feet approximately at areas like Karjat & Badlapur and can go as high as Rs. 29900 in areas like Dadar.
The scene in Navi Mumbai is a tad different as the rates do not vary to a great degree. Buying Property in Airoli and nearby areas will cost around Rs. 4000 while Panvel Properties will set you back by over Rs. 6000 at present.
Property rates touch higher when you go for buying homes in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai and the scene is more or less the same for South Mumbai.
So Many Choices!
If the Home is for personal use, one near the workplace can be easily found. The Real Estate of Mumbai is a fully developed market and the different types of homes that are available, provide ample options to the Home Buyers. Even if the Home is to be rented out or re-sold, it is also viable option in the Real Estate of Mumbai. Due to the growing population of Mumbai and the influx of professionals from different fields, renting out or leasing out of the property can be easily done.
The Real Estate of Mumbai saw the opportunity of foreign currencies when professionals from abroad landed up in Mumbai. It promptly presented Furnished Homes in the style of American households and made use of the opportunity.
Buying a Home in Mumbai is one of the safest investments, as Mumbai’s fast growth and development and the rising population ensures that the rates of properties keep rising. This is why the Home Buyers prefer Mumbai for their investment

Real Estate Sector In Chennai

Real Estate Sector in Chennai is traversing an upward path. The growth has been steady and promises much more in the coming days. There are several factors that can be credited for this upsurge. Chennai’s aesthetic geographical location makes it an ideal place for both residential and commercial set-ups.
Easy accessibility to the city plays a very crucial in the growth of Real Estate Sector in Chennai. Chennai is very well connected through sea, road and railway networks. Certainly these modes of transportation encourage the industrialists to come to the city and explore the business opportunities. With the expansion of Chennai’s economic base, the demand for the growth of realty sector is bound to increase.
If we talk about Chennai’s Real Estate Sector, it can be classified into three broad categories; commercial, residential and retail. The residential real estate sector in Chennai relatively shows much scope of growth when compared to other Indian cities. There are some prime locations in Central Business District (CBD) area. These locations include Alwarpet, Nungambakkam, Egmore, Mylapore, etc. New residential projects are being approved for these locations.
The commercial Real Estate Market in Chennai is also booming. IT/ITES companies prefer this city and thus the demand for office space, industrial set-up, etc. is on the rise. When talking about retail real estate sector, malls are mushrooming and hypermarkets have developed. The policies of the state government are encouraging the investors thus giving the impetus to the Real Estate Sector.
As far as Realty Sector is concerned, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in the upcoming years, Chennai will be stiff competitor for other major cities in India. Infrastructure, accessibility, location, government policies, etc. are some of the factors that will lead real sector in Chennai to new heights.

Get Affordable Property Deals in NOIDA

NOIDA has set an example for the rest of the growing cities in India. NOIDA’s growth journey too is marked by hiccups but the eventually the achievements have been great. If you look back a decade ago, NOIDA was staring at an uncertain future under the shadow of national capital. But in the end, the close proximity with Delhi proved to be a blessing and played its crucial role in giving impetus to the town’s rapid growth and development.
NOIDA has emerged as a hub of industries. Huge investments by IT companies, MNCs and big corporate houses have set the things going. The town has excellent road and rail connectivity; the infrastructure is fantastic; and the investments are pouring. There cannot be a better place for Real Estate Investments. Property Dealers in NOIDA have sensed the opportunity and latched on it with both hands.
Property Dealers in NOIDA are keen in facilitating property deals both for commercial and residential purposes. The reason is that there are huge margins in both cases. On the other hand, investors should too seize this opportunity and the returns are really promising. Buying, selling and renting residential flats/apartments in NOIDA has become a hot business you can bag affordable property deals through established Property Dealers only.
Residential flats/apartments are available at affordable prices in Sector 14, 15, 27, 28, 29, 37 and 44 in NOIDA. Now the question arises how to get these flats in the best prices? Property Dealers can be of real help. But you need to do your homework before contacting one. Browse over internet, gather details, use your discretion to analyze the efficiency of several dealers and then go for one. With their huge network and acquaintance with the trade, Property Dealers will certainly get you through a good deal.

About Flats or Apartments in Metropolitan Cities

Life in Metropolitan cities is said to be very fast-paced. One begins the day rushing to the metro station and evenings too are not much different. Yet, these big cities witness maximum levels of emigration. Have you ever imagined why people are attracted towards Metropolitan cities? The answer is one “To make it large”. Yes, Metropolitan Cities have those infrastructural facilities, those big opportunities, those luxuries and those amenities that are yet to reach small and developing cities and towns.
Certainly there are numerous temptations. Specifically, if we talk about Real Estate Business in Metropolitan Cities, there is much on offer and the only thing you need is to grab the opportunities smartly. Metropolitan Cities are hubs of IT companies, BPOs, MNCs, and other big enterprises.  Job opportunities are vast and thus these cities experience major influx. To accommodate more and more people Real Estate Sector in these cities has really taken long strides. You can see new commercial and residential structures emerging within days.  New projects start and get completed within matter of time and that too with the best of facilities.
In such a scenario, it is not difficult for you to find flats or apartments with better facilities. You may have to pay quite a few bucks, but the investment is a promising one and will fetch great returns in future. You can buy flats nearby your office to make commutation easy and less time taking. There are various options; in case you are bachelor you can go for 1 BHK flat otherwise there 2BHK and even 3BHK flats available at affordable prices.
When buying flats or apartments, you must conduct a thorough research and seal the deal only when you find that all the documents are genuine. It is better to seek professional assistance as Real Estate Agents are seasoned guys and know all the tricks of the trade. They may eventually guide you in getting a better deal.

Indian Real Estate Investors: Opportunities Galore

Why do people invest in real estate? It is a crore rupees question if you are in India now! India has become a major beneficiary of the globalization of the Real Estate with a population over billion and a liberalized Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy. India’s real estate market, at present, has become an investors’ dream come true with a dramatic surge in growth rates that are looming around 30% per annum. Strong macroeconomic fundamentals and the changing economic and demographic profile of India are the icings on the FDI cake feasted on by Real Estate Investors from different parts of the world. The world is indeed becoming ‘flat’ in terms of global real estate investment as cross-border capital investment is on the rise wiping out those physical barriers between nations, thus increasingly forming a common global market.
Some of the key drivers of the recent boom in the Indian Real Estate Investment Market are:
1)    High Rise in Consumption
2)    Diverse Demographic Characteristics
3)    Inflow of Large Foreign Capital (thanks to FDI in Real Estate Investment!)
4)    Service and Knowledge Economy
5)    Rapid Urbanization and Rising Population
The growth is predicted to be more or less the same in all verticals of real estate viz. Housing, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial owing to the factors mentioned above. Real Estate Investment remains a long-term investment prospect with most of the major drivers driving the Indian Real Estate Investment promising to be available for a long and secure period. Improved market transparency like availability of reliable market data for the office and hotel sectors in India’s main cities and towns, is another major plus point for the inflow of Foreign Investors. Easy exit options with liberalized government regulations have also helped in gaining confidence of the Investors. Everything points to the Indian Real Estate Market as the ‘next big thing’ in the world investment sector.